Editor and System Controls

Editor Controls

Serenade integrates with various editor features. Basic editor commands include:

  • save
  • select <selector>
  • undo
  • redo

You can navigate among editor tabs with commands like:

  • new tab
  • close tab
  • next tab
  • previous tab
  • tab three

Along the same line, you can work with editor panes (so you can see multiple files at once) with commands like:

  • split left
  • split right
  • split up
  • split down
  • left window
  • right window
  • up window
  • down window
  • close window

Window Switching

A common part of many workflows is switching applications. To focus an app with Serenade, you can use the focus command. For instance, to bring Slack to the foreground, you can say:

focus slack

Here, slack is a substring of the name of the application you want to focus. You can use the focus command for any application, not just those with supported plugins.


Serenade can type text into any window with the type command. For instance, you can say:

type hello world

This will insert the text hello world into the currently-focused window, no matter what application it is.


You might also want to press individual keys on your keyboard rather than typing out a string. For instance, suppose you wanted to focus the location bar in Chrome. You could say:

press command l

As you'd guess, this will hold down the command key, then press the l key. As with type, keystrokes will be sent to whichever window currently has focus. For a full list of supported keys, see the Command Reference.

System Controls

You can also use Serenade to control any app on your system, not just apps with supported plugins (like Atom and VS Code). The following commands also work in any application:

  • new tab
  • close tab
  • next tab
  • previous tab
  • undo
  • redo
  • focus
  • press
  • type

Web Browsing

Serenade also integrates with your web browser via commands like:

  • new tab
  • close tab
  • next tab
  • previous tab
  • back
  • forward
  • open (e.g., "open google dot com")