Advanced Usage

In this section, we'll take a look at a few advanced concepts that you can try once you're more comfortable with Serenade.


You can chain commands together to avoid having to pause between commands. For example, you can chain a go to and a delete by saying:

go to line one delete line

You can also chain the use command to save some time. For instance if you say:

type hello world

If you'd like to select the second alternative, and then you know you want to then jump to line 50, you can say:

use two line fifty


If you know you want to execute the same command multiple times, you can add:

<number> times

To the end of a command. For example, to delete three lines, you could say:

delete line three times

Alternatively, you could say:

delete next three lines

You can also use the repeat command to execute commands multiple times. If you just say:


Then you'll re-execute the command you just executed. Or, you can say:

repeat delete

To repeat the last command that contained the word delete.

A common usage of the repeat command is to skim through a file quickly. For instance, you can say:

next function


phrase manager

Then, you can keep saying:


To iterate through the results of your search.